About me


Hi everyone, and welcome to Redart.

I know you may be wondering “what does Redart mean?” It is the word “Trader” from right to left, and I chose it for two reasons:

  1. It is a cool name, isn’t it?
  2. You are right, this website is about trading. So if you are looking for a place to find information about trading and investing, I believe you will find the material shared here useful.


My Journey… and Probably Yours

We all know that create additional income with trading or investing is important in order to achieve financial freedom. However, to me, it was less clear how to do it. That is why at the beginning I started to read many books and to attend courses, paid and free. I thought that the more I could learn, the easier it would be to become successful. Does it sound familiar?

This may work at school, but trading was different. The more I learned, the more confused I was. The problem was not finding information. Actually, it was the opposite. Too much information! Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, tons of techniques, indicators, not to mention the choice between stocks, options, forex, ETFs, futures… Have I mentioned already that there is too much information available?

To make things worse, much information that I got was contradicting, so the journey to find the “holy grail”, the magic technique that provides great results and almost never fails was not an easy and quick one. Until I realized something.

Successful traders and investors do not have the “holy grail”. It does not exist (unless they do illegal insider trading, but we are good people and do not do that). As the famous commodity trader Larry Williams (yes, he is the father of the actress Michelle Williams from Dawson’s Creek) once wrote, “People who make their living looking into crystal balls are destined to eat a lot of broken glass”. A very powerful sentence, don’t you think so?

So how can we be profitable? The reason why a trader or investor is successful is mostly related to 3 key points:

  • emotions management
  • risk management
  • profitable system

In other words, we need to have a system that is profitable in the long term, and this does not mean that it is correct 100% of the times. Rather, it means that we can make money. We also need a good risk management approach, in order to survive during bad periods. But most important, we need to manage our emotions to be able to follow our rules no matter what.

Only when I realized that I started to see some clarity in all the chaos of information I gathered. But there was still a problem to fix.


Do You Have Time?

Even when you understand the three key factors of successful trading/investing, a challenge remains. Unless you adopt a really passive “buy and hold” investing approach, you need to spend some time to become, and to remain, profitable.

For many people like you and I, this is often a problem. We all have other duties, job, family… and sometimes it is not easy to find the time. That is probably the main reason why I created this website.

You see, I do not want to just share the useful information that I found in many books and courses, and that I have tested myself. I will also give you the tools to perform your trading activities in a quick and easy way. We live in the age of technology, so we can leverage on that to automate tasks that would otherwise require much time. But do not worry, it will not be too complex!

However, there is still one thing that you need to do if you really want to achieve great results!


Take Action NOW

Many people learn things by reading books, attending courses… but are they really learning? I believe the only way to really master a topic is to learn the theory and then practice a lot. Trading is no different.

Every time you find some new information, tool, or technique – being on this website or anywhere else – you need to practice, see how it works, and get your “hands dirty”. Only then can you really understand how and when to use it. This is why, as you are learning new things, I really encourage you to adopt this approach – starting NOW. You will experience a much deeper understanding of the topic and, as a consequence, your results will improve even faster.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below or write me at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,