Types of REITs in Singapore

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Reits | 0 comments

What are the main types of REITs in Singapore? There are 5 of them


They invest mainly in shopping malls. Some examples are CapitaMall trust and SPHReit.

They invest mainly in warehouses and business parks. Some of them in data centers as well. Some examples are Ascendas Reit and Mapletree Industrial Trust.

They invest mainly in hotels (not hospitals). Some examples are Ascott Reit and Ascendas h-Trust.

They invest mainly in office buildings. Some examples are Suntec Reit and CapitaCommercial Trust.

They invest mainly in hospitals. Some examples are ParkwayLife Reit and First Reit.

Even though it may be a good idea to diversify in these 5 categories to create a more robust portfolio, notice that some REITs invest only in properties located in Singapore while others have properties in other countries. This should be taken into account when deciding how to create your portfolio.